A tailor-made solution that boosts your decision-making process through efficient data management


B4M connects to all types of databases you might uses. You can connect from any PC or Mac using any browsers and from any smartphone or tablet.
B4M is available in your favorite app store.


Being a “Low Code” application, B4M is fully automated and is accessible to any kind of company. It has been developped for you to use without programming any line of code.

Access your business-critical information instantly from everywhere

  • With B4M you drill down to all your database with detailed queries based on your business need

  • Display your dashboard, business indicators in data table, chart (Excel) forms

  • Schedule regular reports (monthly, weekly..)

  • Share your query result with customer / prospect or colleague in Excel or PDF file directly from the app

E.G : The daily total sales of your company can be sent to your sales manager every end of the month at 6AM by email.
He will be able to adjust his strategy to customers with decreasing / skyrocketing turnover.


B4M is fully customisable with your core business, logo and corporate identity. To access any report you only have to define an SQL query.


B4M offer 3 main assistances to you and your customers wherever they are located !

  • The app is available in french, english and japanese. (Other languages are upon request)

  • Our maintenance package include an available IT team that will :

    • help sorting out any type of bug
    • provision of app correction and new version
    • hotline if need be


Way to boost your
decision-making process !