Business Intelligence (BI) application!

Business 4 Mobile is a “Low Code” application allowing a better data management and analysis. It offers detailed reports of your business in real time. Whatever your sector is, all your services make the most of your internal and external data sources for 360 visibility of the activity ensuring your growth.

Tool for any sectors

Digital technology

For any occupation

General management
IT director (DSI)
Financial department
Human resources department
Sales department
+ All business lines

For all company size

From 1 to illimited users

3 B4M’s pillars on which you can rely

Nowadays companies use several formats for storing their data (ERP, CRM, IBM i, Excel, CSV, Cloud, etc.). B4M allows them to securely connect all these data sources in one place.

With a large flow of data (internal, external) gravitating around companies, it is essential to know how to sort it, structure it, rework it and give it meaning. B4M transforms these data into reliable and usable information in real time so that companies can make sustainable decisions.

B4M allows easy reading and interpretation of your data thanks to a clear visual (composed of graphs, tables), customisable according to the job of each person. The application allows direct interaction with colleagues and customers by sending them reports by email directly from B4M. All interactions can be automated.

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