Make informed decision thanks to your datas in 3 steps!

With B4M, efficient decision-making follow 3 steps. The application configuration according to your company and departments needs. The automation of your processes and data visualisation to make reading and interpretation easy for any company user, no data mining experience needed. These 3 steps boost performance and save time for companies.


Easily configure your application with our user guide available on our resource page.

Process automation

Once the SQL queries have been created by your IT manager, users simply execute them to obtain sorted, usable data. They will be presented with a dashboard listing all the queries assigned to them. Users can then filter and sort the columns according to their needs.

The reliability of information and its instantaneous updating in tables and graphs are guaranteed by the connection to your data source. This means a single modification by the departments concerned (logistics, sales…) and a lower error rate.

You can periodically e-mail your tables and charts to a predefined list of people, wherever they are, and whatever their device (computer, smartphone, or tablet).

Efficient decision-making

With B4M, you save time and reduce the risk of error, since all your processing, consolidation, and reporting tasks are automated.

Interdepartmental collaboration is made easier with dashboards featuring information updated in real-time and accessible at your fingertips, wherever you are!


Way to boost your
decisional process !